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Scientific name: Latrodectus hasselti

Found Australia-wide, Redback Spiders will live almost anywhere provided there is adequate food and a sheltered web site that is warm enough for breeding. Redback Spiders are common in urban areas, and will live alongside humans in areas such as under cupboards, under stairs and in garden sheds.

Female Redback Spiders are usually black (but can also be brownish in colour) with an obvious orange to red stripe on the upper abdomen, with the red stripe sometimes being broken, and an ‘hourglass’ shaped red/orange spot on the underside of the abdomen. Juvenile Redback Spiders have additional white markings on the abdomen. Female Redback Spiders have a body about the size of a large pea with slender legs.

The red markings are often less prominent in Male Redback Spiders, with the body being more of a light brown colour with white markings on the upper side of the abdomen, and a pale hour-glass marking on the underside.

Generally, Redback Spiders are not aggressive and they will rarely leave their web site, however, caution is advised as their bite is very poisonous and potentially fatal for children, or the elderly.

Similar species:
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