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Did you know?A mouse’s heart can beat 632 beats per minute. They can feel temperature changes and alterations in ground terrain with their whiskers and most mice are very good jumpers. They can jump up to 46cm (18 inches) in the air.

PEST CONTROLThese animals are well adapted to live in very close proximity to humans.

Rats and mice may live and nest within buildings indefinitely providing they have access to food and shelter. Being social animals, rats and mice live in groups, making nests in wall cavities, roof voids and subfloors.

Damage caused by these animals include contamination of stored foods, physical damage like, gnawing skirting boards, doors, upholstery and electrical wires and cables, plus the added bonus of disease transmission such as the bubonic plague which claimed more than 25 million lives in the 14th century.

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